12 Ways to Better SEO through Social Media

There are varying opinions on whether the social media can have a huge impact or none at all to search engine optimization (SEO). But absolutely, a lot of people have their own opinions and experiments which indicate whether there is little or significant impact to their organic search engine rankings from social media optimization (SMO) and search engine optimization.
If you are to conduct your own experiment and gauge the influence of social media, what would be your basis to measure up so as to generate a more practical, logical result? 12 Ways to Better SEO through Social MediaHere are 12 potential ways to better rank through these social sites. Try them as you do your hands-on SEO:


1.Title of Video

Anything that points to your target keywords in the title of your video will help secure your place in a specific topic. Keep in mind to also include keywords in your tags and contents.

2. Number of views

A popular metric in measuring up the value of your video content is the number of views. The more times your content is viewed, the more value it gains. A link to your site in the description area can potentially allow you to drive organic traffic.

3. Likes and Dislikes

Make sure to get a higher percentage of likes to benefit the respect and more views of the massive YouTube audience.

4.  References from Independent Profiles

YouTube is also one of the potential media for branding, if used intelligently. With a video or a great production about something which others find valuable, you can have others reproduce or feature your work on their profiles with due acknowledgement to you and your link. There are indeed a lot of ways or mini-campaigns to leverage the YouTube influence.

5.  User Comments

YouTube is one of the most popular places to toss each other up. Juicing out links to your profile can be as easy as commenting on popular videos and other valuable videos. The more you comment the more you’ll likely send links to your profile.


6.  Quality of Followers

Quality followers come from those who have their own communities of followers. More interaction from high value followers could mean more exposure to your profile that contains your link and more valuable chance of exposing your stuff.

7. Number of Followers

Using your corporate twitter feed can bring some brand security issues and the potential for addressing customer service concerns. However, with its millions of followers, twitter can help you build your own unique identity in the vast twitter communities.

8.  Number of Retweets

You’ll likely be able to leverage more retweets from numerous followers. Retweets are best gained when you are regularly in touch with the people in your own community.

9. Relevance of Followers

You can get the most out of twitter by having followers that come from the same industry where you have positioned yourself. People who are more familiar and are equally knowledgeable about your industry can best help in passing (retweets) your message around.


10. Number of Fans

Facebook’s popularity can massively contribute a huge influence on your company’s credibility.  By creating a professional corporate profile with the same look and feel that you have on twitter, and diligently suggesting them to your target audience, the Likes you will receive can incredibly add value to your website.

11. Number of Comments

Engage your audience not only through Fan Page Likes, but also with a good interaction with your followers via comments and discussions. It is also one of the quick ways to know your market’s responses which is the best opportunity to direct Facebook fans to your website. Thus, adding more traffic.

For all Social Media:

12. Positive versus Negative Brand Mentions

To make sure that you have more positive brand mentions over the negatives, tools like Radian6 can help you with a good platform to monitor and measure the reach of your branding message across all social media outlets.

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