22 Million Reasons Pay Per Click Is Right For Small Business

A Paid Search (PPC, or Pay Per Click) Firm recently conducted a study analyzing pay per click ads and luxury brands and retailers. According to this study, 5 of the top personal luxury companies spent nearly $22 million!! (yeah, that’s right) on Google AdWords ads across their brands in 2013.

We get asked the question all the time, how much should companies spend per month on google adwords?  Well, you certainly shouldn’t be spending 22 million.  But hopefully these figures from Adgooroo will help understand that there is a place for PPC budget in your overall marketing plan.


While this is focused on retail, the numbers can be staggering.  


The main takeaways here are that people search for both brands and retailers on the web… so just because you aren’t a huge brand yet, doesn’t mean that people aren’t searching for your products.  

The more important takeaway is that just because “you” don’t click on the “ads” on google, doesn’t mean the public and your prospects don’t.  Google makes over 90% of it’s revenue through these ads… and they obviously are a key to success for business marketing plans.

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