3 Link Building Tips for Small Business

You realized how important it is to land on the top pages of Google and other popular search engines. At the same time, you’re also pressured by time and your limited resources. How do you carry out the required link building activities to fit your budget?

The following tips will be helpful for small businesses and even for larger businesses in building backlinks and customer base.

Establish a weekly goal

Algorithms change dynamically. This could likely affect your search engines rankings drastically if you rely on one or two types of links.  Building a wide variety of links will help protect your rankings from sudden changes. This can be systematically achieved when you make it a goal to focus on different types of links every week. This can significantly help you build a diversity of links and will help keep you motivated, for example, this week for social media, the next week for niche directories and another week for connecting with customers.

Conduct the research

It is essential to know and identify whom to build quality links with. You can do this by spending some time on research.  This doesn’t have to be expensive. If for some reason you can’t do this yourself, you can hire an individual to do this or seek the help of an SEO company that provides link building services.

Get help from your customers

Your customers have a great influence in building your brand. Politely telling them that their recommendation contributes a lot for your growth and for the expansion of markets on the web, it is possible for other companies and big businesses to see you as worthy of their linking as well. You may want them to sign up for your monthly newsletter or request it from your customers who call in.

In addition to your facebook fans and twitter followers that can recommend your business, you can also find customers who may be influential bloggers and journalists – or even a twitter user with a large twitter following.

Lastly, another approach to inexpensive link building is to seek the help of loyal customers to promote your brand. Even if you’re a small business you can promote your brand in a way that is similar to how big brands market themselves. This is one of the huge advantages of doing business on the web.

Link building plays a major role in the internet marketing and branding of a small business on the web, especially if you’re a young and growing business.

As a company that has first-hand SEO and link building experience, Roja understands the concerns of small businesses that are still trying to grow online. Contact us today to learn how we help small businesses with limited budgets get seen online through search engine optimization.

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