6 Powerful Keywords to Bulletproof Headlines

Great copywriting isn’t just vital, but it is a major ingredient to your blogging and online marketing success.  Success in copywriting starts with the headline.  If you fail to hook your reader’s attention with a killer bulletproof headline, then everything else is wasted effort, because people won’t read it anyway!

I won’t keep you waiting, lets get right to the power words!

1. Foolproof

People always love something that is guaranteed against failure.  People are always afraid to fail.  Offering something that is foolproof suits best for sales copy and marketing materials as the word powerfully implies that it involves no risks.

Take note of this example:

The Ultimate Guide to Creating  Foolproof Sales Copy!

2. Cutting-edge

Who would dare resist the sophistication of this? A sexy word to introduce something brand new or something newly discovered.

Here’s an example of the way this hot word can be used:

6 Cutting-edge Marketing Secrets Now Revealed!

3. Unfair Advantage

Everyone likes fairness when it comes to self- interest.  But most individuals wouldn’t openly admit that they love to have an advantage that is exclusive only to them.  This kind of headline often works when no one is around.  It can actually be a simple button to click on!

Check out this example:

3 Social Media Tips That will Give You an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition!

4. Rock Solid

Similar to foolproof, Rock Solid signifies something (it could be a product or service) that is tried and tested.  People always look for something that is tested and proven to work.  Rock Solid is the most concrete way of telling that it really is without literally saying it.

Here’s one solid example:

4 Rock Solid Techniques to Turn Your Foes into Fans!

5. Little-known

Of course, nobody wants to be left behind.  Everyone would absolutely love to know what secrets others know!  Little-known is the perfect word to describe what is unknown to many people.  It simply means that you’re talking about something special, and it’s definitely one you can take advantage of to convert readers into buyers.  I love to know secrets, and your readers will to!

Who wouldn’t want to read this?

5 Little-known Strategies to Convert Visits into Profits!

6. Free

This single yet powerful word is certainly not a new word.  In fact, it’s classic yet still very effective.  A simple FREE button is a timeless ally of marketers for building their list.  Everyone loves to get something totally and literally free!

You’ll often see it used like this:

Download a FREE Training Guide on How to Turn your Trash into Cash in 10 Minutes!

You are sure to get explosive results when you try these hooks.  Though these words can be potentially powerful for successfully communicating your message and gaining enthusiastic response from your readers, it is important to remember that you’re also bound to deliver your promise.  Without that, then you have just wasted the readers time and they may be angry about it.  Angry prospects never become buyers!

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