6 of the Best Landing Page Optimization Tips That Convert

One of our main goals here at Roja is to build websites that convert.  A small business website is simply an extension of its marketing strategy.  And the main purpose of marketing is to drive your current and potential customers to take action, which usually means make a purchase.

Here are the 6 best landing page optimization tips that will help you streamline your online marketing process and help show why your visitors need to buy your product in those crucial first five seconds.  These tips are proven to help your landing pages convert and make the most of your AdWords campaign.

1. A Headline That Matches The Intent

Google AdWords quality score is an essential in considering landing pages. High quality scores will not only reduce the cost-per-click, it will also be a tool to help decrease the overall acquisition costs.

As keyword relevance and ad copy are also essential together with other parts of your quality score, it is likewise important to take advantage of the headline of your landing page in such a way that when visitors get to your landing pages, you need to be mindful that you tell them they’re landing on a website that they’ve exactly searched for and clicked on.

The best example for this is Red Beacon, a start-up in San Francisco who has seen the potential of creating targeted landing pages. They happen to be the winner in the recent TechCrunch 50 (TC50) – a conference designed to connect consumers with service professionals.

2. Auto-fill Form Cursor

If you have a landing page that contains a form field for customers to fill out, a great technique to avoid friction and boost conversion rate is to prepare the cursor into the first field. This might seem insignificant, but in many tests, it showed better results in terms of conversion rate. One perfect example is the sign up page of eHouseOffers.

3. Eye Contact

This concept simply means that you have to consider “what everyone else will tend to look at”. This concept reflects the human tendency to their heads where all eyes are set. In designing landing pages, one of the key things to consider is to position your call to action where people will most likely look at. Thus, if your landing page will have photos of people in them simply do what PayPal does with their own landing pages – position your subjects to face your call to action.

4. Testimonials

What better way to establish trust with your customers and prospects than to have current customers give kudos to your services. Including a customer testimonial on landing pages is another awesome technique for converting prospects. Of course, it is not necessary to place it on the header, but you can subtly place it on the sidebar or somewhere in your landing page.

5. Simplicity: Drive One Call-to-action

Many attempt to do too much with their landing pages. You’ll likely drive visitors away if you ask them to do many things. However, if you ask for a single action, your visitors will find it easy to do it.

There are actually lots of sites who do have skilfully created yet simple landing pages. Essentially, the concept should not be neglected. Just remember to consider what is simple and what drives visitors to take a single action. The old adage rings true for landing pages – less really is more.

6. Point of Action Assurances

“Point of action assurances” as Bryan Eisenberg, one of the trusted conversion rate gurus, calls it in reference to trust icons.  Placing trust icons such as Visa logos, McAfee Secure logos and even your industry awards near your call-to-action can greatly put customers at ease. These symbols will in turn, become good reinforcement to your conversion rate.

You can actually have a range of approaches to take in having a landing page. No single landing page fits all. There is really no substitute to be guided by the principles of pay-per-click landing page optimization and working one with a highly skilled designer.  This may not be a comprehensive checklist, but we hope it will provide you better information on the essential principles to implement before you decide to spend on PPC.

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