Google+ is Making More with Over 10 Million Users

Following the announcement of CEO Larry Page, Google+ is potentially on its way to becoming the rapidly-growing social network in history. founder Paul Allen had earlier predicted about the social site’s remarkable growth, which recently garnered 2.2 million users in a span of 32-34 hours.

Reports on this social network explosion came just in time as the company’s quarterly earnings were revealed. Google made $9.03 billion on the second quarter, a 32% rise over earnings in the same period last year, which shows an even faster growth. A whooping $6.23 billion or (69%) was generated from Google-owned sites and (28%) which amounts to $2.48 billion was attributed to Google’s AdSense program.

One investor on the post remarked that Google is a unique company and despite its large size where bureaucracy is often rampant,  has remained active in business and is still doing well.

Users’ response to Google+ has been largely impressive according to Page. The network successfully gained the lead in reaching the 1 million and 10 million user targets over any other networks.  The “Circles” feature became a big hit.  Some have predicted that this booming network could be the first-ever to hit the 100 million user milestone. Google+ is currently in its exclusive invite-only experimental stage.  This social network service is expected to be officially open to everyone by the end of the month.

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