How Landing Pages Help Boost SEO and Organic Traffic

Landing pages are keyword-rich. They are a vital tool that can help boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

How Landing Pages Help Boost SEO and Organic TrafficWhat are landing pages?

Just as the words imply, landing pages are web pages or mini-websites where a visitor lands after clicking a link or an online ad.   They are designed to provide the customer with complete information of a specific product in one convenient location, while directing him to the main website for conversion.

They are commonly set up as part of a webpage, thus, a professional website design is crucial in getting a good impression from your visitors.  Landing pages are largely considered part of an online business’ marketing mix, rather than just another internal page of a website.

As an online business owner, you can maximize the benefits by giving attention to your landing page’s important elements that include, the landing page design, headline, page title, contents and the keywords.  These are critical elements that can have a potential impact in generating organic traffic.

Here are top ways on how landing pages can help boost your SEO:

  • Landing pages are filled with keywords about your product and business. As search engines love to provide keyword-relevant results, these keyword-abundant pages become a very effective tool to rank with.
  • They are built in a way that keywords are highly specific, allowing them to rank well in a targeted manner.
  • With its search-engine friendly elements, a landing page can be an effective tool to attract traffic coming from natural search results, which can then be referred to your website where you have more chance to drive a visitor to act, either to buy a product, sign up or subscribe.
  • Studies show that regularly updating and fine-tuning contents can potentially increase traffic by 40%, this can be a significant boost to your search engine optimization. By consistently updating, you give reason for people to visit and check out updates.

Landing pages can drastically improve your Search Engine Optimization efforts, but they may take a substantial amount of work to develop and maintain. If you have problems in setting up and designing your own landing page, there are online companies specializing in this field. Just make sure to find the one who can best do it.

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