Mastering the Art of the Launch

Here at Roja, we’re always testing and researching to gain the best insight on “launch” optimization.  What is the best way to launch a website, app, or product and how can small business owners and entrepreneurs alike leverage the power of the web to make their launch a successful one?

Here are for really useful tips that we recently read about here featuring one of the great masters of the “launch” – Lady Gaga – that we found to be very relevant to small business websites, apps, and products

  1. You need to build momentum with elements of surprise along the way.
  2. Integrate. Make sure all your marketing channels are working together to promote a single brand identity and message.
  3. Use your fans as your best marketing asset. Encourage and remind them to tell your story and never forget to thank them along the way.
  4. Give people something to love. If you can do that, you’ve won half the battle.

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