SEO And The Google Updates

Web Design PhiladelphiaInternet marketing is not just all about SEO and keywords anymore, the focus now is much greater on content.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is actually powerful and effective. When properly implemented, it can contribute quality traffic to a website and can generate qualified customers.

However, the implementation has been misunderstood by quite a lot of people. Too many misconceptions have also led to unfavorable search engine ranking (particularly Google ranking). This is something you need to give more weight because appearing on Google’s search results means a lot to your website. Imagine the wasted investment you’ve poured in if you don’t keep yourself updated with these changes and how they can potentially affect your business.

But why are we mentioning only Google’s search results? Google is by far the leading search engine today.  So it makes sense to just focus on their updates for now. Now let’s take a look at some updates that have significantly affected such changes.

The Google Updates

Too many websites have been affected by Google’s recent significant changes, and there are more coming according to Google’s Matt Cutts. That’s a fact that initially appeared confusing for a lot of SEO and internet marketing followers.

Remember the “Panda” update during February of 2011? It was primarily intended to improve the quality of search results by putting high priority on quality content over link-building techniques. Then there’s the “freshness” update at the end of the same year which gave greater priority to “fresh” content.

Another significant change took place in early 2012 dubbed “Search Plus Your World” where photos, posts and more of your social media connections are integrated into your search results through Google+ and You Tube.    Have you created your company’s Google+ account yet?  If not, you should!

The Bottom Line

A lot of things have actually changed in SEO recently. What was considered standard procedure years ago may not be as relevant and effective.  The majority of the techniques and practices which were used to improve search engine rankings are no longer as helpful as they used to be.

As a small business owner, what do all these changes mean to you?

SEO alone is no longer effective. Google’s search ranking system is getting more intelligent. The changes are actually ways to filter, detect spam and abuse in trying to trick the system by giving greater priority on quality, fresh and relevant content.

Social media presence also plays an important role. Google+ is one of the “populated” places where prospects and customers will find you. You can also expand your world through other social channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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