How To Start A Dental Blog

Let’s be honest.  The main thing holding you back from starting your dental blog is that you don’t know where to start!  

Well, let’s teach you how to start blogging, and more importantly, make it interesting!!

How To Start A Dental Blog

In order to create content that people want to read, you need to know who you are writing for.  There is absolutely no way you are reading this blog post right now, and are qualified to write a best selling book.  Right?  Right… because I am not writing this blog post for people that already know how to be great writers, I am writing this for you!  

When I write my articles and blog posts, I have someone in mind that I am writing for.  This is called a Persona.  If you want to learn more about creating a persona, please email or call me and I will be happy to discuss how to create the ideal persona for your practice and the importance it plays in dental blogging.  

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When I write for dentists and orthodontists, my persona is a person I call Dental Dave.  Dave is a very successful dentist, because he is great at what he does.  

Unfortunately, Dave is a really bad marketer.  Thank goodness Dave is good with his patients because he lives on referrals.  He lives in a beautiful house, has a couple great kids, drives a nice luxury car and loves to play golf at his club.  Unfortunately, he barely spends enough time enjoying many of those things because he is working crazy hours in order to keep the patients he has very happy and referring him to others.

What Dave hasn’t figured out yet, is that there is a better way.  It is called Inbound marketing.  This is just a fancy way for a new look at marketing, so we won’t revisit the name much… but the concept is critical.  The idea is to put out valuable information on the web… so new patients come to you.  

Think about it for a second… when you need something these days, where do you go?  The internet?  Most likely!  Google more specifically.  And what do you do when you get to google?  You ask a question.  A question like, “How do I make a dental blog interesting?”  See what I did there? 😉

Google then searches its databases for the most relevant web pages for that search.  And now that I put this post out, it has a better chance of being indexed and being found in search results.  What does this mean for you?  It means that when you create a blog post for “Patient Peter”, and the questions he is asking on Google, your website is more likely to be found. 

When Patient Peter finds your website and loves the content you provide, who do you think he is going to want to use for his dental work.  And of course, his family comes along for that ride too… all from a simple blog post!  How is that for a powerful referral.  When you create multiple posts, you are now more likely to be found for more questions that all the Patient Peters in your area are asking.  And when you have more more phone calls, you get more patients, and more PROFITS!!  

Here are some quick steps to create a very interersting blog, quickly!

Step 1:  Figure out who you are writing for.  Creating a persona is critical to making sure you are targeting the right audience, right Dental Dave?

Step 2: The riches are in the niches.  Stop trying to be just another Dental Implant Dentist in New York, or another Invisalign Orthodontist in Philadelphia.  How about being the area’s specialist for “athletes that wear braces”.  Or try being the dental implant dentist that specializes in working with veterans.  Bottom line, the more specialized or “niched down” you go, the more of an expert you can become in that particular niche! 

Step 3: Write with flavor. This means step out of your dental office for a second, go have a cup of coffee and ask the person next to you in line, would they rather read about a dentist that speaks to them like a doctor, or like a buddy.  When you write, your “tone” will create a voice in the readers head.  You want that tone to be professional… but you also want it to have a personality.  Insert jokes, be sarcastic and even curse if you need to… but again, make sure it is professional.  People won’t mind if you use the S or F word, as long as it is passionate.  Just don’t create any harlem shake videos in the office… as people will keep that image in their head when opening their mouths for you… and that could be bad 🙂

Step 4: Create themes or mini-series.  One of the most important things you need to do is get someone to “want more information” from you.  This obviously requires that you write interesting and engaging content, but it also helps when you cover a particular subject “like dental blogging” from a number of angles.  Don’t just write 1 article about dental implants.  Take your frequently asked questions about a topic and make each one a blog post.  This way you know the content is something people will be searching Google for, and you also know that the content will be easy to create since you have probably answered it a hundred times.

Step 5: Perhaps more important than anything else… Start Now

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