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Content Marketing and SEO for Dentists

Let’s face it… content marketing and SEO for dentists can be tricky and confusing. Whether you’ve just started your content marketing or SEO strategy, or if you are looking to revamp an old strategy, getting back to basics is the best way to make sure that your strategy is not only effective, but also completely

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10 Surprising Digital Marketing Statistics for Dentists

When it comes to marketing, you want all of the dental marketing tips you can get. The right marketing for your dental practice can make all of the difference when it comes to finding new patients and upping the satisfaction of your current patients. From local SEO services, SEO for dentists specifically, to any marketing

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The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO for Dentists

As a dentist, you already know how important it is to target local people. Your patients are almost exclusively going to come from the area around your office, as it’s impossible to order dental services online and few people are willing fly across country or even drive a few hours in order to see a

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Content Marketing Statistics Every Dentist Should Know

If you have been looking for dental marketing ideas, you probably already know about content marketing. It is definitely one of the most effective ways to draw in new patients to your practice. It can be combined with pay per click for dentists and may even be able to be provided by the same company

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Do Your Prospects Trust You More Than Your Website Design?

In business to business marketing, it is vitally important that your prospects trust your website. As a normal internet searcher, you can generally get an idea of what a legitimate website looks like and what a scam looks like. Scams can usually be detected via poor website design, looking more like pages created by eighth

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SEO For Dentists: More Website Traffic From Keywords

Having the right keywords is the foundation to any good search engine optimization effort. While it is just as necessary to have excellent content as it is to have quality keywords, you cannot move on to the quality content part until you have chosen the right keywords to target in the first place. So, what

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Dental Blogging: 15 Tips To Make You A Better Blogger

Whether you are starting a dental blog for your practice or are just looking to up your personal blog game, you’ve come to the right place. Dental blogging can be extremely taxing, especially considering how many other tasks you need to get done to keep your practice up and running. When it comes to any

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Dental Blogging: 10 Tips for Blogging Success

Dental blogging is one of the best ways to improve your dental SEO and draw new customers and clients to your practice. It’s about more than just having lots of keyword-rich content, it’s about having useful, engaging content that your customers actually want to read. When you are the provider of helpful, valuable content and

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