5 Keys To Creating An Engaging Web Design For Business

According to new research, more than 90% of consumers purchasing decisions are influenced by online media.  Obviously, your website has something to do with how people feel about your business.  Your web design sends a powerful message to your visitors.   The moment someone lands on your site, it either tells them to stay or go away because it is going to provide an enjoyable or an unhappy experience.  This is a major factor to consider since it’s so easy for customers to hit the back button and immediately eliminate your  product or service from their choices.

An engaging website design should lead the visitor to discover exactly what they are looking for.  It should provide valuable information and offer options or a solution that will satisfy the visitor’s wants and needs.  Experienced web designers know that in addition to providing information, a quality web design should suggest a specific and clear call to action that every visitor should take before they leave.  It could be to make a purchase, to subscribe, to fill out a form or for most small businesses, it is known as call, click or visit.

Designing a business website or blog can be a challenging process. To help you do it right, here are 5 important rules to consider.

1. Designing a website involves planning

The most common problem in designing a website is figuring out where to start.  It actually involves creating a plan that outlines every detail, from the starting point to completion.  Before the construction begins, it is important to determine which platform it should be built on.  If you’re not familiar with this, the best option would be to find a professional web developer who can help you decide on the best platform to use.  HTML, CSS and PHP are commonly used and most experienced developers prefer to use them.

Though WordPress has introduced a revolutionary blogging platform that offers add-ons and plug-ins with thousands of pre-designed themes which allow companies to build a site that can be customized according to their business needs, there are amazing benefits to having a professionally designed website rather than a do-it-yourself one.  Many web design companies, including Roja Interactive, will be happy to design a custom site using the WordPress platform so that you can still have a useful content management system.

2. It takes a few seconds to capture your visitor’s attention

Remember that website visitors only stay for a few seconds.  If they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, it’s impossible to hold their attention in the next seconds.  This is the reason why too much content on every page can be a disadvantage.  Your goal is to grab the visitor’s attention as soon as possible upon landing on your website.  Thus, immediately conveying the answer to their needs should be the highest priority.  You can grab your visitor’s attention in a systematic process by breaking down details in your website’s heading, subheading, and using the right amount of static information and interactive multimedia content, color and other necessary details.

3. Too much content is not necessary

As mentioned above, in most cases, too much content in a single page can be a detriment rather than an advantage.  For example, the home page should only present a specific amount of primary information that the visitor needs.  Remember that less is more.  Each page on your website only needs a minimal amount of content with relevant purpose along with a clear call-to-action.  Consider your target audience and the course of action you want them to take.  Offer incentives to drive them to the desired direction if needed.

4. Aiming for a larger audience

Every business aims to drive more visitors to their website. Of course, it takes a lot of effort and an efficient and effective online marketing strategy to achieve it.  Unique and engaging content, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media presence on networks where your target market participate, are all key ingredients to your online marketing menu.

Digital marketing activities are often better managed by an experienced professional.  Even if you have some knowledge about how to  implement and manage your SEO, blog and social media channels, the best option would be to have them handled by a reputable digital marketing company so that there aren’t any mistakes made, and you are able to focus on your business and your customers.

5. Never rush the web design process

Quality and creativity are crucial in developing a business website.  How your website attracts your target market across many types of devices is a major consideration.  Your product’s purchasing process and other design matters need to be properly planned and implemented.  Rushing the process will likely lead to poor results. Your website is more than just a business site.  It is a marketing tool in itself.  So, allow more time for the development process. Don’t ever rush.


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