How to Harness Paid Social Media Ads for Dentists and Orthodontists

This is a guest post provided by Ivan Serrano

Businesses that are still resisting the need to be online and are not in the process of growing a strong social media presence, especially service businesses like dentists and orthodontists, are missing significant opportunities for growth.

Your existing customers know to call your office, but online is where new customers expect to find you.

Organic search is one way new customers can find you and the service you provide, and hopefully, you’ve got your web presence, targeted content and SEO strategies in place. But what about your social media strategy and in particular, your use of paid amplification? Are you content to wait for people to find you or are you thinking about being a little more aggressive with your social media marketing?

Paid Amplification

Paid amplification is a way of delivering content so that it actually gets to your intended audience rather than randomly waiting for web users to search on the keyword or Adwords you have settled on.

“Your existing customers know to call your office, but online is where new customers expect to find you.”

Think of your business as a bus and you are driving around town looking for customers to pick up. You might have a few people wave you down, but if you had a map of bus stops and a schedule that told you when people would be waiting at those bus stops you would have a better chance of filling your bus.

Paid social amplification is the map and the infrastructure of bus stops that you are looking for.

Here’s an overview of how it works.

Start with your existing content

Your content is structured and targeted for your particular target audience. You format the content for each of your channels like blogs and social media platforms and put the content out there in the digital universe. The thing is, you don’t know if you are reaching your audience.

The nature of social media is that unless you make a post at the time of day your target user is online, they are likely to miss your post altogether.

Amplify with paid ads


Paid ads such as promoted tweets, Stumbleupon paid discovery, Google+ post ads, Facebook ads and the like allow your content to be delivered to your individual target audience members when they are online.

This allows you to target specific demographics, users with particular interests or profiles, and users from particular locations. When the ad servers recognize someone who meets your specified criteria, it will feed them your sponsored content in line with the content they have already subscribed to.


Amplification from engagement

Users will inevitably interact with your content by liking, sharing and commenting. This will improve your online visibility, boost your credibility, enhance your brand awareness, and facilitate growth of your online community.

Ultimately, the goal of this online activity is to lead your online audience into a closer interaction and personal engagement with your brand through your online accounts. You want them to find their way as directly as possible, through links your provide, back to your primary web presence where they will encounter content targeted specifically for them.

If, for example, a new person has moved to your community and they are in the middle of a painful emergency situation you will want them to be able to find your emergency contact information without any difficulty.

Or, if someone is considering orthodontics, but doesn’t know about your services, if they ask about orthodontics on Facebook and then see your ad in the context of all their friends and family, it’s almost like a referral from friend and family.

These are some simple examples of what paid amplification can do for your brand.

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Through amplification, your content can be targeted to produce different goals with specific target audiences through amplification.

The beauty of amplification is that the results of your campaigns are measurable, so you can change demographic or other criteria when you see what is or isn’t working.

You can purchase different adwords or stick with the ones you’ve already selected. You can test different profiles on different social media platforms to determine where your best customers can be found. And, all the while you are giving them content that is targets specifically to them instead of hoping they find your.

Go find your customers today with targeted social amplification and get your map to find your customers.

Looking to learn more about how to set up targeted ads in order to find more patients?


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