Why You Should Be Monitoring Your Dental Websites Backlinks!

We do more than just dental web design in philadelphia at Roja Interactive.  We focus on driving traffic to our clients dental websites through effective local dental SEO services, dental blogging services, and dental ppc in order to get more calls, more patients and more profit.  An important piece of dental search engine optimization is knowing who is linking to your website, and how that link looks to Google.  In todays dental blog post, we cover dental website backlinks.

Building a healthy, traffic-drawing dental blog is essential to building your dental office’s patient list, especially if your office is new to the area. Blogs are a great source of traffic and are often the impetus that converts a site viewer into a patient. However, simply having a blog is not enough. The first step is, of course, to fill that blog with high quality, valuable content that people visiting your website are likely to want to read. When building content for a dental website or dental blog, think about your patients (persona) and what information will best benefit them. Second, you want to use high-quality backlinks to both build your SEO reputation and direct traffic to your website.

But what is a backlink? A backlink is just what it sounds like, it is a link back to your website or blog, posted somewhere else on the internet. It can be posted by yourself or by another party. The highest-quality backlinks will be posted by a separate party. In order to find out if other websites are linking to yours and if those backlinks are of a high enough quality, there is a simple tool you can use.

Monitor Backlinks

This tool is Monitor Backlinks. While there used to be a wide range of quality tools you could use to monitor links to your dental website, most have not been updated for months or even years, making them largely useless. Even WordPress’s famous and widely used widget is no longer working, and why, no one quite knows. Monitor Backlinks, however, is still working perfectly fine.

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What does it do? It monitors your domain and every time someone links to your website or blog, you get an email. It’s as simple as that. This makes it preferable to the tools provided by Google, which require you to log in and decipher for yourself which links are new and which have been there before.

In addition, you are also provided with quite a bit of information about the link itself. For example, is it a no-follow or a do-follow link? You can even go and view the link and see what kind of content is posted along with your link, which is a pretty great deal. But that’s not even the extent of the information that this service gathers about your link. Once you click into the Monitor Backlinks dashboard, there will be plenty of information about the service itself, including how many times the link has been shared from that page over social media.

Why bother with monitoring your backlinks to your dental website?

There are a number of reasons you may want to follow your dental website’s backlinks. In the world of SEO for dentists, what is being said about you is just as important as the placement of the link. You want to stay on top of who has mentioned you and what they are saying.

1. Monitor the quality of your backlinks.

Not all backlinks are created equally. Those that appear with irrelevant content or are posted on a shady website will do nothing for your SEO—or, if they do have an effect, it will be a negative one. When trying to boost the ranking of your dental website, the last thing you want is for your collection of backlinks to be low-quality.

2. Ability to remove bad backlinks.

If a backlink is unnatural, you do have the power to remove it from your SEO profile. While the link itself will not disappear, it will no longer have an effect on your SEO.

3. Improve your backlink profile.

Once you know what your backlinks look like, you can start to expand your backlinks. Once you begin monitoring your backlinks, you will see where you might need improvement and how aggressive you need to be with your own backlinking efforts.

Again, knowing what kind of information is being disseminated about your practice is essential to your SEO efforts. As the owner of a high-quality dentist office, you want only the highest quality of backlinks.

How to Improve Backlinks

While there are services that will take your link and pepper the internet with it, this will usually not result in very high quality backlinks. Instead, you will have your link associated with spam comments or irrelevant content. These services can seriously downgrade your other dental SEO efforts. Unless you can find a very reputable company that only posts relevant content in appropriate places, steer clear of services that promise to deliver these results.

However, there are legitimate ways to improve you backlinks. For example, offering to guest post on dental blogs, sharing your expertise, is a great place to provide both valuable content and drive traffic back to your website with a well-placed link. However, it’s important to have the content already written and ready to post when you contact a blog about guest posting so that they can make a quick decision about whether or not that post is right for their readers.

Reaching out to bloggers is another great way to build backlinks. Bloggers in the dental industry are often willing to feature practices or specific dentist on their blog, sometimes in a question and answer format, in a profile, etc. You can usually find a blogger’s contact information on their “About” page. Sending a quick email, enquiring as to whether or not they would be willing to feature your webpage in some capacity is appropriate.

Backlinks are an integral part of any search engine optimization effort and they are especially important for dentists’ offices, where word of mouth marketing is as important as any other marketing effort. Monitoring or backlinks and working to build a stronger profile can lead to more patients down the road.

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